Donations and Sponsors

There have been a number of generous individuals that have contributed to support the view and direction with MUSX.  Below are the people who've donated and the total they've raised!

Over $15,000 donated to MUSX!

Visionary $10,000+

Jeanne and Carey Catania

Executive $1,000+

Dan McCauley - Eastern Voltage Research

Mike Hardy

Milwaukee Makerspace

Benefactor $300+

Craig Burzynski and Eric Olson - Adventure Rock

Devotee $100+

Gary and Adam Bourassa - Laser Fusion

Carey Grossert

John Douville

Richard Marcus

Follower $50+

Colton Kenoski

Debbie Baron

Cindy Watts

Joey Kovnesky

Donator $25+

Stephon Owens

Josh and Kursta Sevigny

We want to say thank you to everyone who has contributed!  Every contribution has helped in many ways and has propelled the vision of MUSX forward!

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We want to encourage students to learn more about the relation between science and music by creating a curriculum that provides a hands on learning experience.