Meet The Team

Sam Catania: Founder, Musician, Engineer

Sam Catania holds a BFA in Trumpet Performance from UW-Milwaukee.  In addition to Trumpet, he studied piano and pipe organ.  He also studied degrees in music composition and philosophy and has received paid commissions for his original works for film, concert band, symphony orchestra, and various solo works.  He has served as principal trumpet in several professional orchestras and currently sits as co-principal trumpet in the Lake County Symphony Orchestra.

Sam has been interested in technology and engineering his whole life and experimented with another startup company  he co-founded called Kardashev One.  The goal with Kardashev One is to design a fully autonomous delivery system that is as easy as a plug in and play modular system.  This drove him into founding MUSX because of the very similar technology.

Sam has a passion for music and engineering and wanted to combine the two and formed MUSX in early 2019.  His vision of the company is build up a new concept for theatrical composition, provide a link to people interested in Tesla technology, and develop new technology.  His goal is to invent a large plasma arc speaker that is able to have the quality of high end speakers but also produce more than 50 ft arcs of visible electricity.

Sam serves as the lead engineer, composer, and lead safety technician as well as handling all of the business necessities.


Jake Bissen: Fabricator, Special Effects Artist, Performer

Jake Bissen is a Fabricator and Special Effects artist. His work ranges greatly specializing in anything built and art related like props, costumes, special effect rigs, custom camera equipment, and film making. His most notable work is an authentic suit of medieval armor he made from scratch and wears in a show utilizing Tesla coils, conducting the lightning through his suit. He has a degree in Film and video with a Minor in art from the university of Wisconsin Milwaukee. His fabrication background comes from his time spent at the Milwaukee Makerspace with skills including, machining, welding, woodworking, CNC operation, armor/ blacksmithing, and leather working. His passion is creating practical effects for live shows and movies and creating real life prototypes of things thought to be impossible.